NV lean academy ®
The one developed by NV is an idea of ​​Lean Academy that was born in 2016 from the goal of achieving:
  • an innovative concept of training that can bring benefits to private companies and individual professionals
  • a laboratory for the experimentation of new methodologies and new tools to be used in Lean Transformation paths, 
Afterwards, with the affirmation of the demands imposed by the new Industry 4.0 scenario, the NV Lean Academy was able to seize this new opportunity operating today as a Digital Factory 4.0. Always with the right level of integration between theory and practice, according to the concept of " Learning by Doing ", the application of the requirements imposed on companies by the fourth industrial revolution, can be experienced with a view to implementing the Lean Transformation.
Thus training paths are developed to teach  how to eliminate and prevent waste as 
 errors and disefficiencies
 excess of material and movement of the same
 excess of operators' movements
 defects and rework
with lthe integration of innovative technological solutions.
Therefore a training activity is also developed to oriente towards:
  • use of data and information originating from the process / data analysis capability
  • interaction with the machines / better management of the process and maintenance of the machines
  • selection of the best technologies / increase in process stability
  • prevention of human errors / increase in process productivity
In any case it is an experience lived in a direct way through a practical activity, as well as theoretical, thanks to the skilful and effective guidance of experienced tutors in Lean Transformation that is synergistically integrated with the 9 basic concepts of Industry 4.0. Therefore in this environment, , companies can understand and evaluate how to manage, in this new and delicate epochal change, the management of internal transformation processes.
The training courses and the various activities planned by our Factory School will therefore be of particular interest for:
  • private companies that can use NV lean academy as an incubator to experiment customized solutions for specific commodity sectors;
  • professionals who want to approach the concepts and application of Lean Manufacturing and deepen their know-how in that subjet through a previously unpublished educational framework in central Italy