NV lean academy
The NV Lean Academy is placed at the I.T.I.S. A. Meucci in Florence, according with a Pilot Project for the alternation between school and work required by law 107/15 raising as focused issue the strategic role of educational workshops in the training of students.
The idea of ​​Lean Academy developed by NV takes origin from the objective to achieve:
  • an innovative training concept that can bring benefits to students, to private companies and individual professionals
  • a laboratory for experimenting with new methods and tools to be used in Lean Transformation paths
The NV Lean Academy is the only factory school in the center Italy in which you can play an industrial production process designed to achieve operating experience of Lean Transformation and find paths in which to apply Lean Manufacturing Tools - Standard - Methods to analyze losses and waste as:
  •  overproduction
  •  errors and disefficienze
  •  excess material and handling of the same
  •  excess of the operators movements
  •  defects and machining
in order to find solutions to attack and eliminate them experiencing a practical activity. That one allows you to follow the whole process of transformation: from the identification of the problem to the implementation of physical solutions and of the new process, to the evaluation of the results, That's the right integration of theory and practice, according to the concept "learning by doing" thanks to the wise and effective role of experienced tutors in the topics of Lean Transformation.
The two different educational paths,as well as the different planned activities will be an opportunity for private companies who may also use the Academy as an incubator to test custom solutions for specific production sectors. or also for professionals who wish to get closer to the concepts and application of Lean Manufacturing and enhance their know-how in that field, through something new in Central Italy.