The proper application of Productive Maintenance methodology is one of the key factor to enhance the Company's competitiveness. The maintenance activities have typically a big cost impact. The most difficult challenge is to find out the right setting between the Productivity improvement in Production and the Maintenance Costs. As the productivity is strongly affected by the losses due to the equipment breakdowns, Maintenance needs to attack the root causes of these type of losses. Our Basic Training Programme focuses both the basic conditions restoration and the elimination of root causes of the breakdowns and to put in place effective countermeasures to attack the relative losses. The target of the Programme is Zero Breakdowns for the Equipments. The Productivity (O.E.E.) can be improved with a more effective and cheaper Maintenance action (MTTR, MTBF). Our Advanced Training Modules are targeted to increase the availability of the equipment reducing the residual losses and to minimize the Maintenance Costs (mainly Manpower, Materials). The final result is to get the top level of Equipment Availability at the lowest Maintenance cost.
Specific training modules
• Autonomous Maintenance Basic Kaizen Week
• Autonomous Maintenance Advanced Kaizen Week
• Professional Maintenance Basic Kaizen Week
• Professional Maintenance Advanced Kaizen Week

Each module is based on initial class training session and “on the job” session.
Learning outcomes
• understand and detail the losses due to the breakdowns
• restore the basic conditions of a machine
• prevent the repetition of chronic breakdowns
• set the most efficient maintenance standards
• increasing the OEE of the machine by the reduction of the residual losses
reduce the total cost for maintenance.