NV was founded in 2003 by the passion and determination of a group of engineers trained in the industrial context of Fiat Auto with senior consultants coming from different business areas. The NV team joins in a delicate moment of economic changes within markets, consumers and competitors and accepts the industrial innovation and pioneering spirit of those years that were characterizing the changing productive and competitive logic.
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The discipline of World Class Manufacturing appears first time in the early 80s as collection of Best Practices, mostly coming from the Toyota Production System. Only many years later the WCM assumed a higher role in the global community, when, about 10 years ago, at that time Fiat Group Automobiles, adopted the WCM Program to create a new way to be competitive in Manufacturing. The WCM was thought as a breakthrough experience and a WCM Association was created attracting the interest of many multinational organizations belonging to different business.
We mean to lead, support and empower each of our clients towards innovation and his own excellence, through a cultural  and organizational/operational change.
The strategic development that we promote in all our actions  primarily aimes at optimizing all company resources through the fight against all kinds of waste or loss in every aspect of production, logistics, organization and management. Therefore, trying to free every business activity from what is defined as Not Value Added, we make in every company emerge all that intrinsic and essential value that each one has already on its own by bringing expertises, methodologies and tools able to help her in maximizing efficiencyquality, sustainability and consequently profit and competitiveness in the current complex economic environment.

The ultimate objective of any our cooperation is to give to clients the ownership of  NV methods, tools and standards by which the final results were obtained. To make it real it is necessary to engage, listen and value the main resource of each company, its first engine and its real soul: the human one.


We start from the assumption that an improvement project that involves a process of change in a company is doomed to fail, if we ignore an overall and harmonious vision of the entire organization and neglect its decisive impact on people.
The history through which NV has evolved and established itself, taking advantage of the perfect and effective complementarity of the two areas of consulting and training in the field of Lean Management, has allowed it to operate transversally in various sectors of the manufacturing and services industry, both in the field of private than public and to obtain tangible results in
productive and organizational improving performance of all client companies.

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