NV was founded in 2003 with the aim of leading each client company towards an excellent model of Supply Chain and Operations efficiency. The core business of the company focuses on the constant innovation of consulting and training services which have gradually evolved from Lean Manufacturing towards the more complex approach of Digital Strategy and Smart Innovation. NV is a partner that operates internationally and leads its customers to improve their competitiveness in critical and constantly evolving market scenarios.
Thanks to this wide-ranging approach and this far-sighted vision with a focus on Lean Manufacturing, since 2007 NV has consolidated its position as the main external partner of WCM (World Class Manufacturing) through FCA - WCM Training & Consulting, with an ever-increasing number of interventions worldwide. The progressive development of methods, tools and standards in the application of both WCM and Lean & Smart logics, has allowed NV to boast excellent performances and results over time and to meet increasingly ambitious challenges in many strategic market sectors worldwide. .

NV for World Class Manufcturing 

The discipline of World Class Manufacturing appears first time in the early 80s as collection of Best Practices, mostly coming from the Toyoya Production System. Only many years later the WCM assumed a higher role in the global community, when, about 10 years ago, at that time Fiat Group Automobiles adopted the WCM Program to create a new way to be competitive in Manufacturing. The WCM was thought as a breakthrough experience and a WCM Association was created attracting more and more the interest of many multinational organizations belonging to different businesses

Strength Points

• Global coverage

• Excellence in applications of Lean/WCM

• Results demonstrated on field

• Tangible value added for the customer autonomous to follow their own path of continuos improvement


If the ultimate purpose of each collaboration is to make the customer acquire the mastery of those methods, tools and NV standards with which the results were obtained, to make this happen it is necessary to involve, listen and enhance the main resource of a company, its prime engine and its true soul: the human one. In fact, Lean Transformation requires first of all the acquisition by all the people involved in the company of a strong awareness of the need for change and the widespread participation in the whole process that derives from it, in which everyone must be able to find their own intimate motivation. and your own individual room for improvement. NV therefore creates with his clients a path firmly built on shared values ​​that  mean an indispensable starting point for any effective collaboration; the only premise possible to arrive at those final results that are always measurable in terms of decrease of the cost items on one hand and increase of the benefits, such as growing productivity, quality and competitiveness on the other one.


The mission of our consulting and business training company is to lead, support and empower each client company towards innovation and the pursuit of its own excellence. To achieve this goal, we are dedicated to providing industrial training and consultancy, helping companies to make a decisive cultural and organizational / operational change.
The strategic development that we promote in every industrial consultancy intervention aims first of all at the optimization of all internal resources, fighting against all sorts of waste or losses in all areas: production, logistics, organization and management.


In the early 1900s, with Ford and Taylor, the industrial and production concept that placed supply before demand and which would later be known as mass production or "PUSH" (pushed by the company towards the market) was established; the evolution of the market and the appearance of competition highlighted the limit of being able to produce only by increasing the efficiency of the production process only by increasing the quantities without taking into account the same product of suppliers, customers and the same employees forced to work and operations too rigid. During the 1940s after the war, the Toyota Motor Company in Japan, having to recover the production and market gap that distanced it from the American giants in the automotive sector such as General Motor and Ford Motor Company, decided to work precisely on those evident limits. and penalizing the "Mass Production", thus giving life to the TPS (Toyota Production System)
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We start from the assumption that an improvement project that involves a process of change in a company is doomed to fail, if we ignore an overall and harmonious vision of the entire organization and neglect its decisive impact on people.
The history through which NV has evolved and established itself, taking advantage of the perfect and effective complementarity of the two areas of consulting and training in the field of Lean Management, has allowed it to operate transversally in various sectors of the manufacturing and services industry, both in the field of private than public and to obtain tangible results in
productive and organizational improving performance of all client companies.

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Team synergies
People, process, planning, performances

The Team
NV has always made use of collaborators of undisputed professional and ethical value, who are specificly selected each time in perfect compliance with the fundamental values on which the company philosophy and mission are based, precisely in order to preserve the soul of the company and the original intent that the founding members have attributed to it since 2003.
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