Lean Innovation

Our company innovation program towards a Lean Manufacturing model is based on the application of a Lean Strategy which provides for the integration of the principles on which Lean production is based in order to optimize all company resources. This program is based on a predetermined desire for "Lean Evolution" that starts from a current state and defines a future state that can be reached through gradual steps. The basic assumption of our Lean Strategy is a careful and timely study of the business activities and objectives aimed at an innovative Creation of Value for the client company, based on three aspects that affect the entire corporate organization:

Value Strategy
identifies new business targets and opportunities according to the expectations of the market and a healthy growth of the organization.

Value Planning
traces the route map for effectively managing the Change process in the business environment.

Value Transformation
intervenes in all the processes involved in the Change strategy.

After having defined the specific Vision of the Value Creation we can approach the following operational phases:  



Only a complete integration between industrial losses and their impact on the income statement makes the company able to fight and win the war against Losses and Wastage. With the Value Deployment NV precisely establishes that integration between Industrial Management and Economic/Financial Management in order to work together for this common goal.

The main steps are:
• identify the network of losses;
• analyse in detail the type of loss, quantify its effect on the processes (KPI) and their corresponding economic impact on the company;
• define a priority matrix to attack on Losses and Wastage based on their severity;
• classify all the areas of transformation processes and choose the pilot area on the basis of a preliminary assessment of Benefit/Cost ratio.

The definition of priorities and realization of improvement, must be evaluated and measured objectively. Therefore the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) become a guide for managing a realistic and evident improvement. They allow you to manage the priorities highlighting the critical elements and identifying clearly where they are.
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The KPIs thus demonstrate what improvements are made through a process change, a change in the approach of tackling the problem and a change in the way of driving the business.
This method is the practical application of the principle “REAL DATA - REAL FACT” that underlies the concept of measurable improvement and in this way it becomes easier to drive the improvements to the target “ZERO”:
• Zero defects
• Zero accidents
• Zero stocks
• Zero wastes
The KPIs used show how the company’s value evolves and how it is consolidated in relation to the strategic objectives, what is needed to optimize the BENEFITS/ COSTS relationship, understanding respectively how to reduce wastes and losses on one hand and cost of the improvements on the other one.


This method can get to excellent results even starting from a scenario of high losses in an unstable condition of the processes and in the absence of minimum standards.
The NV Lean Journey can be summarized in three phases:

• BASIC CONDITIONS: It guides the client to become aware of the current state of the processes, to restore the processes and maintain the basic standards, to establish a priority list, to properly use methods and standard tools in order to solve the issues and transform the processes.

It applies the approach of continuous improvement based on systematic analysis and elimination of the root causes. Recurring problems and chronic factors are attacked for a structural improvement of the processes. The application of tools and the improvement culture is spread in the organization. There is a clear demonstrations of improved performances.

It supports the client to apply and extend the Lean procedures and standards throughout the organization. Methods and tools of advanced level are applied to eliminate the risk of losses in the processes (Process Robust Design). Innovative ways are applied to pursue the objective of Excellence by a systematic comparison with the existing Best Practices through a regular process of Benchmarking.

The gradual intervention approach gives the customer the ability to assess the cultural evolution step by step, to measure improvements and to consolidate the changes in order to create the basis for the next steps. The application of the method is managed so that the path shows a harmonious growth and is supported by a consistent economic return from the activities made. Our mode of Lean transformation is to start from one Pilot Area and moves to all other areas of the organization following the classification of the areas defined by the Value Deployment. This method ensures the strengthening of skills of the people and sharing and stabilization of the new standards.


A distinctive feature of NV Lean Tranformation program is that NV delivers know-how to the customer.

It makes the customers independent by giving them the ownership of the methodology so that they can manage their growth by acquiring the methods and tools applied first in the model area and later in the expansion areas.

In this way the customers acquire the ability to manage, organize and pursue their Lean Journey and willingness to constantly pursue continuous improvement and control of their business.
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After the intervention, the customers will have a:

• cultural change in the organization, the decision-making is based on factual informations;

• new approach to the problem solving process, not based on the urgency but planned and organized on critical for business items;

• clear definition of the strategic targets before the decision making;

• clear understanding of the targets at each organization level. The “company teams” are aware about the road map to achieve the goals;

• better information flow, from Top-Down and vice versa;

• availability of a set of methods for continuous processes improvement and people empowerment that will produce a continuous value company growth.
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