The WCM set a new reference for the Excellence of Manufacturing. Now the WCM is widespread worldwide and counts many thousands of projects done in 4 continents. The WCM Association incorporates Companies that have strongly improved their Productivity, demonstrating that the approach can be taylor-maded to specific requirements: Ariston Thermo Group, Elica, Embraco, Royal Mail, Unilever and many others, found in WCM the way to success in the Industrial Operations. 

What is WCM?
Every Company is focused on making profit. Manufacturing companies are special within these enterprises because they make their products themselves. The objectives of Manufacturing Companies are to satisfy the needs of the customer who wants:
  1. Products of consistent high quality
  2. Delivery on time in full amount ordered
  3. Products at the lowest possible cost level.
WCM is born from the experience of the most effective methodologies and techniques to realize these objectives and is the result of a long journey throughout decades of Manufacturing activity, as the natural evolution of Lean Manufacturing. WCM is a rigorous and integrated manufacturing methodology that involves the entire organization and encompasses all phases of production and distribution. WCM started from the 4 main areas: Total Industries Engineering, Just In Time, Total Productive Maintenance, Total Quality Control, that developed into 10 technical pillars. 

The route to succeed in WCM is fuelled by the followings:

Strategic Sponsorship & Managerial Commitment

. Managers and Leaders know that they are nobody without Operators. The major goals of Managers is to provide a costant care to empower the people to take the ownership of WCM and to improve their skills and the performance in the Gemba,

Slice the Elephant

. WCM finds simple solutions for high complexity scenarios where many losses and wastes are counted. The 10 pillars help to “slice the elephant” in order to attack and eliminate all the different types of loss

Cost Deployment

. All the pillars are driven by a “Compass” that calculate which are the top level losses to attack and eliminate. The WCM methodology sets the priority ranking per each pillar on the base of the major losses measured on the Manufacturing Processes

Pay Back” Kaizen

. In WCM the focused improvement is driven by a Profitability approach and all the Kaizen are run in according to the most profitable Benefit/Cost ratio. The Industrial Methodology for performances improvement works together to Economics.

Gradual Approach

. WCM is implemented first in the most critical area (Model Area), where the highest losses are measured. Here the WCM Methods-Tools- standards are applied in order to eliminate the detected losses. The “Model” of the new process is then expanded to the other areas


. Decision are taken on the base of data and facts in WCM.
o   Basic Standard are created in order to guarantee a foundation of the processes (Reactive Phase).
o   Improvements and Saving are achieved eliminating the root causes of chronic losses (Preventive Phase)
o   Risk is assessed and processes are developed and consolidated in order to guarantee conditions for Zero Losses (Proactive Phase).
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