Lean training - Learning by doing

With its Lean Manufacturing Workshops, the NV lean academy is a real Factory School with a practical and concrete cut.
The one developed by NV is an idea of ​​the Lean Academy that was born in 2016 with the aim of creating both an innovative training concept that can bring benefits to private companies and individual professionals, and a laboratory for experimenting with new methodologies and new tools to use in Lean Transformation paths. Subsequently, with the affirmation of the demands imposed by the new Industry 4.0 scenario, the NV Lean Academy has been able to seize this new opportunity by operating today as a Digital Factory 4.0 where, always with the right level of integration between theory and practice, according to the concept of "Learning by Doing", it is possible to experience the application of the requirements imposed on companies by the fourth industrial revolution, while always with a view to implementing Lean Transformation.
Training courses are thus developed that provide for the integration of innovative technological solutions, teaching at the base how to eliminate and prevent waste such as: overproduction, errors and inefficiencies, excess material and handling of the same excess of operator movements, defects and rework.


The academy

A training activity is therefore also developed aimed at:
- use of data and information originating from the process / ability to analyze data
- interaction with the machines / better management of the process and maintenance of the machines
- selection of the best technologies / increase in process stability
- prevention of human errors / increase in process productivity

The experience

In any case, it is an experience lived directly through practical as well as theoretical activity, thanks to the skilful and effective guidance of expert tutors in the topics of Lean Transformation synergistically integrated with the basic concepts of Industry 4.0. In this environment, therefore, companies can understand and evaluate how to deal with the management of internal transformation processes in this new and delicate epochal change.

Who's for

The training processes and the various activities planned for our Factory School will therefore be of particular interest for:
private companies that will be able to use the NV lean academy also as an incubator to experiment with customized solutions for specific types of product sectors;
individual professionals who want to approach the concepts and application of Lean Manufacturing operationally and deepen their know-how in the field through a tool previously unpublished in central Italy


An innovative Lean Strategy path with the aim of bringing benefits to students, private companies and individual professionals. A laboratory for
the experimentation of innovative methodologies and training in the field of Lean techniques, to be used in company paths of Lean Transformation.
Through the Lean Manufacturing Workshops it is possible to follow the entire transformation process: from the identification of the problem to the physical implementation
of the solutions and the new process, up to the measurement of the results obtained.

1. Value deployment

Define priorities to pursue improvement
The Workshop aims to create a "Lean" Culture for effective change, learning the fundamental principles of Lean Manufacturing, acquiring the knowledge necessary for Lean Transformation: focus on Loss & Waste and Continuous and Basic improvement Standards for the decision-making approach of the Lean Leader.

2. workplace organization

Apply JIT principles and techniques useful to eliminate the Non Value Added in an industrial process The Workshop aims to make people understand what the 4 JIT Principles are, to understand the concept of Flow and its impact on productivity in transformation processes, to put into practice the tools for applying the 4 JIT Principles both in the main flow production and both in the secondary supply flow of components.

3. Total Quality Control

Structuring the method for improving quality in a production process The Workshop aims to make people understand what are the Losses and Wastes (Non Added Value) in Labor Intensive processes, to introduce the Methods and Tools to eliminate NVA and to experiment its practical application, to learn the design of a NVA-free process.

4. Intelligent factory 4.0

How to increase productivity in production by applying an effective method that combines Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 The Workshop aims to understand the method to use Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 together effectively, to acquire the skills to reduce the production losses typical of a man-machine process and to develop the productivity of the process using the application. real Industry 4.0.

5. Lean Thinking & WCO

How to make a service process efficient and realize a digital transformation in the office The Workshop aims to teach the fundamental principles of Lean Thinking, create a Lean Culture for effective and efficient change, acquire the necessary knowledge to identify and eliminate losses and waste in a (transactional) service process and promote Continuous improvement in the World Class Office.

6. Pull Planning

Simplify the Supply Chain and reduce Lead Time by implementing Lean logics The Workshop aims to apply the PULL methodology and tools to production planning in an assembly process and experience the benefits that can be obtained with the application of PULL logic to production planning.


A path with the aim of developing Lean Six Sigma projects, through the DMAIC approach, in accordance with the ISO 18404: 2015 standard, creating a Lean Six Sigma Improvement Project at your company and achieving Green Belt Certification.
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