The NV action for each customer begins with the observation of the entire production process (from raw material procurement to the goods stocking), goes through the analysis of all the Non Value Added (NVA) activities that will have to be eliminated and ends with customized planning of the specific Lean conversion project:

The path is structured on the Strategic / Training / Operational plan, but journey starts first of all  from a cultural change aimed at:
• creating an organization that learns through reflection on what it does (Hansei) and on Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
• developing a specific ability to reflect, getting involved in bringing out the problems, analyzing
in depth the root causes and deciding to tackle them by offering targetted actions
• founding the growth on people development 
• creating the culture of Customer Satisfaction in every workstation.

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That’s what will make the ground ready to work on together putting in place practical actions on
the field, which will drive the client to undertake its own program of Lean Innovation through
the following logical steps:

• prioritization of interventions based on the severity of the problems and their respective causes;
• identification of projects/ pilot areas;
• verification and validation of the “pilot” solutions before standardizing them;
• expansion of the solutions, standards and procedures to other areas/ processes.

All the steps mentioned above will be conducted with a constant, systematic and timely
based approach on the logics of PDCA of the continuous improvement.