NV Lean Coaching

In NV we firstly deall with Lean Transformation, that is the precise strategic choice which, starting from the analysis of the corporate status quo, is aimed at a consistent change of its modus operandi in each of its areas.  We like furthermore to support that main activity with the Lean Coaching, that accompanying the transformation process, must start from the enhancement of the work of every single resource. The Lean Coach, in synergy with the Lean consultants, has the task of ferrying the client from a present perceived  as inadequate and dysfunctional to the desired future (corporate vision). Providing this kind of support in all the different company areas and at all levels, such as managerial and operational, has in fact the objective of developing the necessary skills in order to optimize the professional performance both of the individual and the whole enterprise system. However improving things or even changing them, is never a simple operation, since it means questioning the structure, the balance, the behaviors and processes consolidated for a long time, and in view of this reason, the Coaching approach, inherent in the methodological approach of Lean Manufacturing, finds its success especially in its ability to listen to all of the individuals involved and works on their potential and possible resistances in a gradual, progressive and harmonious path. The Lean conversion is a collaboration among all the human resources involved in that path, in which everyone must be guided to find their own motivation, role and space for improvement and intimate satisfaction.
Every person in the company must be given the opportunity to perceive his/her value in contributing to the final result with his/her own creativity and proactivity, so that any company can reach an optimal result in general if it focuses on the continuous learning of the individual participant in the process and stimulate his/her daily and systematic training, with the consequence that in the end the company will get the maximum benefit.
As Taiichi Ohno pointed out with his famous phrase "One of the main causes of Toyota's success is to always look like itself. Trying to become like Toyota, absurdly, we move away more and more ", the Lean Journey, being a real journey towards business excellence, should lead to the process of emergence of the exclusive peculiarities of a company and be facilitated by eliminating all the disturbing elements that hinder its true and unique solution towards self-efficacy and efficiency.
A competent and expert Lean Coach will therefore guide and support the client to innovation and emancipation, taking into account that if there isn't personal mobility, there won't even be a  business one and that if the whole journey towards change is only based on technical rather than motivational acquisitions, any investment made for this cause will be completely in vain.